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brain cancer, Support Bracelets for #TeamDanjela



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Bracelets come in Adult & Youth sizes. Please select size from drop down menu when you order!*********************************************************************On June 3, 2016 we received the devastating news that our then 11 year old daughter, Danjela, had brain cancer. Over the next year, she went through a brutal radiation and chemotherapy regimen & in February 2017 was declared to be in remission. On July 12, 2018, we received the results from her most recent MRI and were told that there is a possibility that there is a secondary tumor. Danjela faces another brain surgery to biopsy this spot...\u2026.and possibly faces another battle against brain cancer.In October 2018, she was hospitalized for 60+ days when she had a series of seizures that left her paralyzed on her right side and unable to speak. With much rehab and prayer, she has now fully regained strength & speech!In May 2019, she began a 2nd round of radiation to attempt to shrink the relapsed tumor. Only God knows what happens next.We have a long battle ahead of us, but our little warrior continues to fight and not give up. We have created this campaign to help raise funds to alleviate some of the medicals costs as well as provide any needs that Danjela may need such as homeschooling support or tutoring, etc.As a family, we thank you in advance for purchasing a bracelet in support of #TeamDanjela.Thank you & God bless you all!, brain tumor

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