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Steampunk Seahorse Necklacerecycled jewelry, Mechanical Seahorserecycled jewelry, Shells and Sand Dollar



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Steampunk Seahorse Necklace, Mechanical Seahorse, Shells and Sand DollarThis steampunk necklace is made with copper chain, copper, silver and brass gears, watch gears, cogs and parts, silver shells and sand dollars, and features a brass seahorse. The necklace measures 20 inches long and has a lobster claw clasp. All of our steampunk pieces, unless noted otherwise, have been assembled using metal rivets. Even on the tiniest gears, rivets have been used. Rivets create a much sturdier and more permanent bond than glue. To view more of our steampunk collection, please visit: visit our home page for coupon codes, upcoming sales, policies and special announcements:, zencreations04

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