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spring, Glowing Green Textured Lucite Button Ring in Sterling Silver Size 6



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Three of these wonderful buttons were in my grandma's sewing box. I have made a pair of earrings too! This ring is a size 6 and the button itself is about 7/8" in diameter. \rThe bezel is smooth sterling silver and the ring band is shaped with loops at the sides. The button rests flat against the finger for easy, comfortable wear. \rThe antique lucite is "moonglow," so called because of the way the light catches its depths and glows brilliantly. It is gorgeous and sturdy. The button itself is at least 40 years old.\rI filed off the button shank and you can see where it used to be (in the center of the back) but it is smooth.\rThe entire setting and band is sterling silver and hand shaped, soldered and finished., acrylic

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